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Scorched Butts – SB

Scorched Butts 'SB' Kernels broken crosswise (evenly or unevenly) and naturally attached. Kernels may be scorched/slightly darkened due to over heating while roasting or drying in the drier/borma. (more…)

Scorched Pieces Seconds

Scorched Small Pieces 'SPS' Kernels may be over-scorched immature, shriveled (Pirival) speckled(Karaniram) discolored and light blue. Kernels broken into pieces but not passing through a 4 mesh 16 SWG sieve/4.75 mm I.S. Sieve (more…)

Small White Pieces – SWP

Small White Pieces 'SWP' kernels are White/pale ivory or light ash. Broken Kernels smaller than those described on LWP but not passing through 6 mesh 20 SWG Sieve/2.80 mm I.S. Sieve (more…)